On the economic pages of the Italian newspaper "La Repubblica", Giampaolo Cadalanu, a journalist specialized in new economy issues, tells us of an African continent that, despite the difficulties, is looking for innovative solutions to meet the challenges of the third millennium.

«Africa of the third millennium is the place where a bad infrastructure meets the Internet and mobile phones, where the globalization of culture and computer technology have opened huge economic spaces. In a period of weak growth, African flexibility and imagination, which in the past meant pure survival techniques, have become ideas through digital technology,  opening new paths and launching new sectors which are already saturated elsewhere. The key to everything is the smartphone: thanks to the new Wi-Max technologies, huge areas – almost the entire continent – can be covered by the signal." (...)  Massimo Zaurrini, editor-in-chief of the economic magazine "Africa e affari" goes further: "Today the African continent is one of the laboratories incubating innovation for the entire planet ,»  he writes.