One of the main problems the poorest of Africa are facing is the question of mobility. Winnifred Selby, a young Ghanaian entrepreneur wanted to cope with the issue of transport with an intelligent, sustainable, ecological and economic solution. The case of Winnifred Selby also made the titles of international media. It is the story of a young Ghanaian entrepreneur who dreams of making life easier for rural people of her country and of all Africa by providing a lightweight, ecological and reasonably priced mean of transport. She took an old idea: the bamboo bike, and at 15 she founded her production company. Today she is among the most prominent entrepreneurs in Africa. "Africans are not poor." - Winnifred says - "We are blessed, we have so many resources we must create value from what we own, share and make an impact on our environment.." Seeing his enthusiasm, there is no doubt that she is absolutely right.