Sam Kodo, a young Togolese with a degree in Sociology, was supposed to work as a researcher in his field or as a teacher, but he chose a completely different path. Today he is an entrepreneur in the electronics field and produces low-cost computers. His dream is to provide all African children with a mini-computer.

Sam, the son of a physics teacher, has always loved electronics, computer science and robotics. From an early age he began making small automated objects and then simple robots. Very early, his amusing robots made of recycled materials became famous throughout the country.

Then, while studying sociology, he began to assemble mini-computers, always with recycled parts. Helped by his brother and a few friends, Sam created a real laboratory where he made mini-computers using parts recovered from old electronic devices and used compact discs.

His experience has been so successful that he received funding to provide thousands of Togolese students with his mini-computer. The Mandela Washington Fellowship awarded him a 15 million CFA grant to launch his Smart-Bag project: a backpack with a solar battery charger connected to a laptop. This very useful device will be distributed to children in rural areas who have no access to electricity.