Verone Mankou, a young entrepreneur and engineer born in Congo – Brazzaville, developed the first digital tablet and first smartphone ever designed in Africa. His dream for the coming years is to develop the first tablet completely designed and produced in Africa.

Verone Mankou, the young Congolese inventor of the first African tablet, has made international news. His company (VMK) produces tablets which are made in China and sold in Africa at very reasonable prices.

This year he decided to take the next and most difficult step: manufacturing VMK products (the PC Way-C tablet and Elikia smartphone) completely in Africa. Thanks to public financing by the Congolese government, he has launched his company that manufactures digital products 100% made in Brazzaville.

It is a great hope for the future of the continent and for overcoming the digital divide that has left Africa lagging behind in technology and digital literacy.