Nigerian women, totalling 26, whose ages range from 14 to 18 were reportedly found dead recently in a Spanish warship as they tried to cross the Mediterranean Sea. According to British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) that made the disclosure, the deceased might have been sexually abused and murdered. It was reported that following several rescues, corpses of the Nigerian women were discovered in a refrigerated section of the Spanish warship, Cantabria, which was also carrying 375 migrants most of whom were sub-Saharam Africans from Nigeria, The Gambia, Ghana, Sudan and Senegal.

It is unfortunate that another group of young Nigerians who were promising future mothers, have lost their precious lives under such a tragic circumstance. This was clearly in an attempt to cross the Mediterranean Sea where they erroneously believed lies the so-called greener pasture. The recurring tragedy arising from the rising spate of risky illegal journeys by Nigerians desperately fleeing the country has become worrisome and should be of major concern to the Federal and State Governments.

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