Credits: Stringer / AFP

The bodies of four migrants have been found on Sunday in the Strait of Gibraltar, between Morocco and Spain.

At least four migrants died on Sunday trying to reach Spain from Morocco on a dinghy, as reported by the maritime rescue.

Twelve people were on the boat. Their bodies were found in the waters of the Strait of Gibraltar, between Morocco and Spain. The only one to survive assured rescuers that 12 people were aboard the boat when they left Tangier, Morocco, in the early morning, an emergency spokeswoman told AFP. The person rescued around 5 pm was "in shock," said the spokesman. "The survivor said that when the boat turned over, out of the 12 that had started the crossing, only three people remained, two dead and himself on board. The cause of the death of these two people was not known at this stage, said the spokesman. The boat departed around 6 am from Morocco and lost occupants during the crossing. The origin of the migrants who were aboard the boat is not known at the moment.

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