Credits: Euronews

"My experience in Benghazi is very tough, I’m telling the truth, they got a lot of blacks from African countries, and the Libyans withhold you and put you into a house, and then tell you that you have to give about 350 dollars," said William More, from Liberia. "Then they will put you on a ship for you to cross. So, at the end you give this money, times will come, those people, they put you on ship. And then they arrest you, they carry you to a place and they treat you every day, they beat you every day, you have to go on a farm to work."

David Sako, from Guinea Conakry, added: "You see, the Libyans, they are savages, it is God who saved me. Because right now I don't understand how I could have escaped. Many of my friends, I watched them die. They took us to a house, there's many of us in the house, and every time they hit you, and when you call your family on the phone, they hit you so your family can hear, to make them send money. Many people died, and others were traumatised by the torture."

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