Credits: Espace Manager

The testimonies of survivors in the boat carrying irregular migrants that left on Saturday the city of Kerkennah confirm that the "Rais" abandoned the boat.   According to one of the survivors: "The water started to infiltrate the boat. We tried to stop it and to help the captain. Nevertheless, although everyone was afraid to die at sea, the "Rais" seemed very calm and quiet. He took advantage of our panic to jump into the water and ensure his rescue. In the meantime, our boat capsized and everyone, pregnant women, children, elderly people and even disabled people feel into the water."   This kind of testimony confirms the rumors circulating in Kerkennah that the smugglers who reign on the island knew very well that a dinghy of nine meters, which could contain only 30 people maximum, could not under any circumstances reach the Italian coast with 200 people on board, especially since it was poorly maintained.  


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