Ermes II, a support project for the Assisted Voluntary Return (AVR) of citizens from Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal and Albania, is underway in Italy.

The objectives of Ermes II:

The specific objective is to promote individual and family returns and the socio-economic reintegration of 235 foreigners from Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal and Albania through a systemic model of aid and assistance, from pre-departure to reintegration into the country of origin.

For immigrants interested in the AVR, an assistance system will provide training and social, legal and psychological counseling services. It will also present a personalized training/coaching plan for each candidate.

For those who want to start a micro-enterprise, the program will offer help in starting a business by establishing a business plan and marketing strategies. Those who opt for a job search will be provided assistance to assess skills and write a résumé.

At the end of the training/accompaniment, a reintegration plan will be implement that consists of coverage for rental costs for the first 6 months, participation in vocational training courses, and the purchase of raw material required for the start of the micro-enterprise. The project also provides a reinstatement grant of € 2,000 for each recipient, payable in goods and/or services after their return to the country of origin, and an additional contribution of € 1000 for each adult member of the family and of €600 for each minor child.

ALL DEPARTURES must be effective before December 31, 2017.

Migrants (individuals and families) eligible for the program must be from Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal and Albania.

Contacts for information or application for the program:


CIES ONLUS (  Via Merulana 198, Roma

+ 39 06 77264611  - -

In Albania + 355 069 5301329 -


CISV ( Corso Chieri 121/6, Torino

In Sénégal:


Via Lame 118, Bologna  + 39 051 520285

In Tunisia  + 216 (0) 71736663

In Morocco  + 212 (0) 537730579


Source: CIES- Onlus