Credits: Le Monde

After the CNN viral video showing slave markets in Libya, many African heads of state have blamed those countries, denouncing racism and crimes against their "brothers". But if Libyans do indeed benefit from the smuggling of migrants, those returning from hell are also the prey of sub-Saharan mafia groups on the spot, including Nigerians.

Daniel was a student when he was convinced by a network of smugglers of the possibility to reach Europe. "In two weeks you'll be in Italy," his contacts promised him. In early December, the 28-year-old Nigerian was repatriated to Benin City, his hometown, after ten months of kidnapping, violence, forced labor and legs lacerated by electric wire burns. "We have been deceived. It was a trap. Those who did this to us are the same ones who promise us Europe, "he says, his throat tied, surrounded by his companions of disillusionment.

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