The Italian press reported the shocking story of 12 minors saved last week by the Aquarius vessel of MSF-sea and arriving at the Italian port of Pozzallo. "Wounds on their bodies were evidence of their long odyssey; they spoke of imprisonment and witnessing cold-blooded murders."

Journalist Alessandra Zinitti of the La Repubblica newspaper told the story of a group of young boys arriving from Libya aboard the MSF-sea ship Acquarius.

"He is 16 years old. Judging by his height, he should weigh more than 70 kg, but he only weighs 42 kg.  He boarded a boat on a Libyan beach three times and three times he was brought back. He was beaten, locked in a cell, and left starving by the smugglers. He was terrified after seeing a migrant killed in front of him. His story is that of 12 other young Bangladeshi boys who arrived in Pozzallo on the same boat."

Source: Read the complete story de Alessandra Zinitti on La Repubblica (Italian)