In Uganda, where many women earn as little as $3 per month, a new generation of agri-entrepreneurs are lifting themselves out of poverty.

They are doing so with the support of KadAfrica, a social business that grants out-of-school girls with a small plot of land, passionfruit vines, and a marketplace to sell the fruit.

KadAfrica provides intensive training in entrepreneurship, financial literacy and gender empowerment. Thus far, 1,650 girls have boosted their incomes to $20 - $50 per month—representing a 600% increase in income per participant. Some young women have used the money to expand their agribusinesses, and others have started new ventures, such as a nursery school for local children.

Launched in 2012 by husband-and-wife team Eric and Rebecca Kaduru, KadAfrica has seen its program grow exponentially--more than a thousand young women are already on the organization’s waiting list. Last year, KadAfrica was named a winner of the MasterCard Foundation and Ashoka’s Future Forward, a challenge to solve youth employment in Africa. Through Future Forward’s networking opportunities, Eric was invited to the White House’s Global Entrepreneurship event and the Young Africa Works Summit in Cape Town.

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